Welcome to The Book of Kismet, a collection of stories from my life, originally written as a gift for my father and posted here for my friends to read. Organized alphabetically by themes rather than chronologically, they are a testament to the interwoven destiny we all share.
Please join me on this journey of self-discovery, and be inspired to reflect on your own life’s wonder, challenges, lessons, and mysteries.


Dedicated to Dad, who had all the adventure he needed flying planes in World War II. After that, he was satisfied to be a husband and father in the suburbs of the Midwest. But I suspect he secretly appreciated how his “unique individual” of a daughter flew out of the box against his orders– as long as I came back to visit.

The Book of Kismet was born as a collection of 80 stories from my life, written as a gift or my father’s 80th birthday. I never heard a word of feedback, and don’t even know if he even read them. I didn’t ask– you might wonder why not, but I’d long ago left the questioning to my sister, who was more willing to get unsatisfying answers and risk his annoyance. If he wanted me to know something– and in this case he apparently didn’t– he could tell me.

Undeterred, when my father was about to turn 90, I once again considered possible gifts. He had stopped asking for “brown socks”, which we had chuckled about for years (although I now realize it might not have been a joke). I had lived through plenty more stories, so what the heck, I wrote them up.

Whoa…90, that’s a lot. Well, what if the pile had some organization? Maybe by themes? After brainstorming, I made a list and noticed that it started out with A for Attention, B for Birth, and so on up through G. A bit of Kismet there??? With some rearrangement (and a couple of stretches to fill in gaps) there was an entire alphabet. I selected stories from my massive pantry to fit the themes, and here they are.

Although some of this may read like fantasy, I’ve been careful to stick to the facts. It’s testimony rather than literature, and my hope is that your appreciation for your own life’s journey will be sparked. If you’re inspired, feel free to write the Book of Audrey, the Book of Diane, or the Book of Ebenezer. This could possibly evolve into the Book of OUR Kismet, a shared exploration of our interwoven destiny.

Each of us has our tales to share, of the wonder, challenges, lessons and mystery of life. I’d love to read yours.