Kate Hawke

The Book of Kismet

Adventures in Destiny

The Book of Kismet is an A to Z alphabet of real-life tales from the life of Kate Hawke.

Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction!

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The Author

Kate Hawke

Kate Hawke, also known by her Sufi (and Burning Man) name Kismet, has lived all of the stories in this book.  She was born in 1950’s Indianapolis.  Following the dream in chapter J for Journey, she traveled west to make her home in Arizona.  Since 1990 Kate has lived at the Gateway Ranch NE of Flagstaff.  She is currently working on building the Hozhó Iiná (Beautiful Life) center, dedicated to healing trauma in her home community at the edge of the Navajo Nation, 


OUR Kismet: The B.o.O.K.

Does the world need another acronym?  Well maybe just one.  At some point you’re likely to realize that you’ve lived your own   Book of Kismet.  Or maybe it’s a Book of Penelope, Fred, Fatima, or Wolfgang.  If you’re inspired to write– and hopefully share– your stories, feel free to use the A-Z themes you find here.  Or you may discover your own.  

The Soul has been given its own ears to hear things               the mind does not understand.

– Rumi